Airbnb management services in Nice


Hosting guests will no longer require any effort.
They can take care of everything for you, from start to finish.

Local partners help you host on Airbnb with a complete and simple solution designed for people who don't have the time. The satisfaction of your guests is their top priority.

High-standards of service for your property

  • Professional cleaning of your home before each guests’ arrival
  • Verification of your property’s overall condition
  • High-quality bedding and bath linen sets, vanity kits, and coffee
  • Quick response to any unexpected situation
  • Property damage protection (learn more)
High-standards of service for your property

Personalized support for your guests

  • Managing guest arrivals and departures
  • Instructions on how to find your home
  • Information about home appliances and wi-fi credentials on the Airbnb app
  • Guest support
Personalized support for your guests

The Airbnb and short-term rental market in Nice

Nice is a dynamic metropolis in southeastern France and the second largest city in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region after Marseille. Located between the sea and the mountains, Nice has more than its share of outstanding natural resources.

With many cultural facilities, the city attracts numerous students each year, along with crowds of tourists in search of sunshine and “la dolce vita”. It’s an ideal destination for short-term rentals (apartments, luxury homes, or furnished studio apartments) either for vacations or short stays. Are you a property owner? Discover the advantages of the Airbnb comprehensive short-term rental management service offered by Luckey.

  • As the second most popular tourist destination in France after Paris, Nice draws more than 4 million visitors a year, many of whom are looking for an alternative solution to the standard run-of-the-mill hotels where they used to stay. Now they can opt for an apartment rental between private individuals: fully renovated accommodations offering charm, elegance and style.

    With close to 344 875 inhabitants and 1 281 503 in the Alpes-Maritimes region, Nice is the fifth most populated municipality in France. There’s a wide range of short-term and furnished rentals available and plenty of offers to satisfy the needs of all types of customers.

    A key spot on the Côte d'Azur, next to the Mediterranean sea and only 45 min away from the mountains, between Cannes (and its famous film festival) and Monaco (and its Formula 1 Grand Prix), not to mention Italy, only an hour away, along with its legendary Carnival, Nice has just about everything you could possibly want! In sum, a stay in Nice in a furnished short-term rental is a pure, unadulterated pleasure, from handing over of the keys (and signing the rental lease required by some property owners) to the inventory of fixtures.

    Geographical Location
  • Among the city’s most highly prized neighborhoods for visitor stays:

    • The west of Nice for its large rental properties and its tranquil surroundings, ideal for retired people or families seeking a quiet and peaceful environment.
    • The city-center (close to the train station and Place Massena) for its strategic location and easy access to all the city’s activities, thanks to the numerous public transport networks.
    • The port for its unique regional architecture and its buzzing vitality and irresistible charm.
    The areas to discover

Average share of the generated revenue


They have a clear and competitive pricing policy

On average, you’ll get 80% of the revenue generated. The cleaning fee is paid for by the guest. They generally do not take a commission on the cleaning.

What you generally get by choosing a partner in the Luckey program

  • Creation of your listing on Airbnb
  • Swift assistance for you and your guests
  • Physical welcoming of guests
  • Regular price adjustments to optimise profits
  • High-quality cleaning services
  • Property damage coverage for Airbnb listings (learn more)
  • Quality bedding and bath linen sets
  • A professional photographer to take pictures of your home
  • Greater satisfaction for your guests
  • Quick and efficient team available for general maintenance and other inquiries