Good morning London, Luckey finally lands in the UK

Good morning London, Luckey finally lands in the UK

A new international destination for Luckey

Luckey has much to celebrate this holiday season: after France, Canada and Switzerland, we are proud to announce that we’ve launched our Airbnb management services in the UK, right in the heart of London! This means we now have offices in 30 cities across Europe and North America!

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London: A unique adventure

London, which is only 2 hours away from our company headquarters in Paris, is the perfect place to continue our international growth. It’s a vibrant and multicultural city that broke a new record by welcoming over 40 million foreign visitors in 2018 and is expecting to host more than 60 million tourists by 2025. At the same time, London now ranks 2nd in terms of the number of short-lets available, with more than 60,000 properties listed. 

Short-let & vacation rental management with our new City Manager

We are pleased and excited to bring our expertise and experience to task to help avoid all the hassles involved in being an Airbnb host in London. With our all-inclusive property management service, your guests will enjoy the services we offer, ensuring that you get 5-stars reviews and boosting your rental income.

To do so, we are happy to introduce Elizabeth, your City Manager in London! Both her entrepreneurial spirit and her background in the hospitality industry will be significant assets in her new mission: making sure your property is presented in the best light possible and that your guests’ stay is an unmitigated success: "Luckey has all the tools and expertise required to satisfy our hosts in London. We already manage over 500 properties in Paris and our goal is to achieve the same results in London, which we are certain we will! And once our operations are up and running in London, we plan to expand our services throughout the UK, as Luckey did in France. I look forward to the challenge as I always tend to dream big."

"I love working as a City Manager because of the close relationships we build with our hosts and the variety of the work: it’s a little like being a Swiss Knife! I am truly excited about taking on this challenge!"

So, Londoners, start spreading the news and join the Luckey Family now!

Ready to say goodbye to the hassles of managing a short-term rental and boost your property’s value?

Luckey and Airbnb
Since its purchase in December 2018, Luckey has become an Airbnb wholly-owned subsidiary.
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